Sunday, November 20, 2011

mono_sono drops heat in the homegrown mix competition!

As some of you may or may not know, The longest running drum n bass event in Africa, Homegrown, has launched an exciting new concept for their December 3rd event.

The concept being they are hosting a competition to find the most suitable DJ for the late night set between 2:30 - 3:45 after the legendary lords of the underworld Counterstrike.

This leads me to my main reason for this post, mono_sono!

I've known him for some time (in his various guises) But as long as I've known him he has never been one to conform to commercial popularity or should I rather say hype. Not that it might stop him from liking certain music, but generally he is obsessed with a more complex or intriguing type of music that aims to push boundaries or perceptions.

And the music he makes and plays is not very much different to that which he listen's too.

His background has a lot to do with this, having moved to Pretoria from Cape Town he has had time to hone his craft without much outside influence besides for his own choice. The pure fact that he is not as spoilt as we may be with our ripe DNB scene here in Cape Town has allowed him to focus on the sounds that he see's fit for listening. And in the case of his entry for the HG Mix Comp, DANCING!

And dancing is what I did while listening to his mix. When I first read the track listing I knew I was gonna be in for one heck of a jam session!!! Setting himself apart from all the other entry's, which for the most part were dominated by people who ignored the rules of not playing 'Top 40' tunes that are generally reserved for earlier in the night, he dropped a set that was completely different from any of the other DJ's.

Laced with jungle rhythm and groove infested bass from the first moment I pressed play I began to pray that his mix would be the crowned winner.

What do you think?



01 Cycom - Aekhnaton - dub
02 SPY - Revival - Reinforced
03 Martsman - Cold love - Lightless
04 Sileni - Cold sweat - Planet Mu
05 Alpha Omega - Mind rage - Soothsayer
06 Macc & dgohn - Wossat - Inperspective
07 Kiat - Slavecodes - Quilin music
08 Stranjah - G riddim - Soothsayer
09 Fanu & Mineral - Jupiter 2011 - Lightless
10 Naphta - Soundclash 1 - Lightless
11 Greenleaf vs Ricky Force - Dangerous - dub

Monday, October 31, 2011

TheDankish mix I 221011

Last week we took over TheDankish show on Bush Radio. Here's the 15 minute power mix from the show as promised :)



Wednesday, October 26, 2011

White Nite - Red Bull Mix 2011 (LATEST)

A local in Long Street, the king of them unreleased biznez, one of my favourite Cape Town DJs, I present to you the WHITE NITE.

Mix Monday 3: White Nite by Red Bull Studio CT

1. Shigeto - And We Gonna (Samiyam ChopsticksRemix) [Ghostly Int]
2. Om Unit & Kromestar - Merkabah [Cosmic Bridge]
3. B. Lewis - Cancel That [Jus Like Music]
4. Hudson Mohawke - Cbat [Warp]
5. Slick Shoota - Pussyclot Funk Dem [Byrslf]
6. Chrissy Murderbot - Bussin Down [Planet Mu]
7. Distal - Novacaine Blonde [Fortified Audio]
8. High Powered Boys - Work [Sound Pellegrino]
9. Raven - Is It Real [Hype]
10. Gugu - Rollin [Forthcoming Dva Music]
11. 123mrk - Invisible Colors [Infinite Machine]
12. C.R.S.T - Roulette [Ten Thousand Yen]
13. Funkystepz - trouble [Hyperdub]
14. LV & Joshua Idehen - Primary Colours (Extended Mix) [Keysound]
15. Mosca - Bax [Numbers]
16. Mz Bratt - Selecta! (Pasteman & Tankas '88 Bootleg) [Boot]
17. The Touch - Bodies Waiting (French FriesRemix) [Palms Out Sounds]
18. Cosmic Revenge - Mind Eraser [Embassy]
19. B. Bravo & Teeko - Drop It! [Frite Nite]
20. Joker - My Trance Girl [4AD]
21. Redlight x 666 – MDMA alarma (Slick Shoota Mashup) [Boot]
22. Zed Bias - Badness ft. Skream [Tru Thoughts]
23. Sfr - Take You There []
24. Roots Manuva - Get the Get (Breakage Remix) [Big Dada]

You can catch all sorts of wonderful things on his soundcloud page >> HERE


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mala - From London Town to Cape Town PromoMix 05/2011

Here's a mix that the GREAT Mala gave out when he was down in the Cape (May 2011). Any one got track ID's can post them up. I do believe that this mix is NOT on the net so I decided to upload it.

Bless all the dub heads.



I found this mix on the net at

01 Mala - Digital Mystikz "Livin' Different VIP" (DMZ)
02 V.I.V.E.K "Feel It" (Deep Medi)
03 Goth-Trad "Seeker"
04 Coki - Digital Mystikz "Ironshirt"
05 Mala "Enter Dimensions"
06 Kryptic Minds + Youngsta "Arcane"
07 Dark Tantrums "Unborn"
08 V.I.V.E.K "Big Bang" (Deep Medi)
09 Mavado "Dem A Talk (TMSV Refix)"
10 Coki "Revolution"
11 Jack Sparrow "Afraid of Me"
12 Mensah "Gambia"
13 The Dub Mechanics "The Clash"
14 Mala "Bad Spirits on Shoulders"
15 Digital Mystikz "Dun Stinky"
16 Commodo "Saracen" (Deep Medi)
17 Coki "Duppy Sour Sap"
18 Johnny Osbourne "Fally Rankin (V.I.V.E.K. Dub Version)" (Greensleeves)
19 Mala "Education" (DMZ)
20 Old Apparatus "Untitled Intro" (Deep Medi)


Shoutouts to the Step Up crew!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Interesting interview with bass heavy weight COTTI (UK)

Cotti - Producer, DJ, and MC - has been shredding dance floors since the very early ages of bass music and is definitely one of our favourite Selectas in the scene. Dont bother listening if you don't have a sub.


1)    What’s your main music influences?
I would say that other good music is a massive influence in one sense plus the fact that music just seems to flow so natural with me and where I spend alot of time, in the studio, I can just fling ideas down casually which really helps if know what I mean.

2)      How did you get into the dubstep scene?
Well I started around 2005 when I first met Dj Chef and Loefah(DMZ). Chef was the first main DJ to really support my music and at the time I was making alot of Grime which was quite big in London at the time and kinda fitted with the Dubstep sound to a certain extent. I continued to make beats and pass the music on to the likes of Skream, Benga, Mala, Pinch, Kode 9 etc who all supported my music back then.

3)      At what age did you start producing?

I first started producing when I was around 19 years old but was Mc'in before that, my dad is a musician so I got him to show me Cubase and I was away from there to be honest.

4)      There's been a lot of talk about the evolution of dubstep and what it's doing to the genre... So what are your views on the evolution?

Bro if asking “do I like the noisy stuff” then generally NO I don’t, although there are a few of the Harder tunes I can appreciate, the scene does seem to be going in one direction at the moment but I honestly believe it will pass and people will actually get back into real music so to speak.

I believe that things will come back around in dubstep once people educate them selves rather that following the masses.

5)      Tell us more about your MCing.

Bro I’m down with the vocal side of things as well as the production & engineering and all the rest of it :D

I cant lie bro, when I make a tune I really love, most of the time ill sit there and just make up some lyrics or vocals to match which means I do end up vocalling alot of my own material as you can see on the Dubstep Album I just released on iTunes in April, I have quite a few vocals on there, with tracks like "Mash a set" & "Skankers" ft CrazyD.

6)      Is there anything special that you are working on at the moment?

Yes, I am working on 2 other Albums as we speak, both will also be released on my label via iTunes, 1st is another Dubstep comp ft Producers from SumtingNew As Well as others Like Quest, Silkie, El-b just to name a few. The other is another Album but it will be of mixed Genre ie Dubstep, Grime, HipHop, Reggea, House, etc so keep your eyes peeled for those later this year hopefully.

7)      Was it tough for you to break through into the music scene?

Yes it was very tough, I spent years putting work into music from around 2000/2001 but it was only around 2004 I started to see any benefits if u know what I mean, alot of the time though its more to do with being in the right place at the right time and obviously being a good producer.

8)      Career wise, where do you see yourself when you’re older? And what do you do besides making music?

Well I’ll like to retire in Jamaica with my family and still run my Label's "SumtingNew" & "Bassface". I’d like to hopefully set up another business out there and include my family. Besides making music I’m a father which takes up alot of time now...erm I don’t watch TV hardly at all unless I get a new movie lol tbh I spend ALOT of time making music or running the label, my close friend said to me the other day "Wow Cotti every time I come to check you, you got lots of new tracks, all vocalled and everything" lol

9)      I know you have worked with the likes of Cluekid and Coki - and that’s just to name a few - but out of all the Producers and DJ's you’ve worked with, who did you get along with best and who did you most of all enjoy working with?

Errrm Im not to sure tbh, it was good experience working with Coki, Cluekid & Kromestar but over the last year I have been working alot with Crazy D who I get on very well with, a lot of people don’t even realise that he produces but we have a co production out right now on iTunes track entitled "Believe me not" ft in Mrk1 Ibiza Mix which is getting alot of love right now.

10)      Dubstep is getting very big in South Africa, do you see yourself coming to Cape Town and playing anytime soon?

Man I’d love to travel to Africa to share my music, probably more than any other country, if any promoters are reading this then please book me lol. Africa is one place I have not been to yet but would really love to. 

11) Latest stuff to look out for?

Recently I have landed a show every Sunday 5-7pm(GMT) on which im doing along with Dj Enme & Dj Raggs who are both part of SumtingNew plus the rest of the camp will be appearing on rotation so that we all get chance to show what we’re made of. 

Also you can find the "SumtingNew Dubstep Album" is out now on iTunes as well as "Teenwolf/Juggernog by me & Coki which  is on 12" and digital platforms.

Last but not least SumtingNew have started to put on our own Dubstep nights in London & Uk, the second edition will feature Myself b2b Chef, Quest(Deepmedi) El-b b2b Caski not to mention SumtingNew Dj' Enme, Raggs, Euby, Standard Procedure, Substeppers & mc's CrazyD & KillaP
Free Podcast D/L

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Audiophile021 - The Unknown Brother

Here's a taster of what you can expect from Audiophile021 at Oppikoppi on the 6th of August. The man will be making an appearance at Step Up this Saturday which will most definitely be a banger!

You can find Audiophile021 on Facebook here.

Audiophile021 - The Unknown Brother by Audiophile021

Track Listing
1. Nasty Nasty - Visions
2. Grime Syndicate - Two In The Trunk
3. Doshy - Redworm
4. Chase & Status - Hitz (Wretch 32 Remix)
5. Subvert - Speaker Humpin
6. Doshy - Lazer Blaster feat. Unik
7. Subvert - Unknown Virus
8. SFR - Burning Up
9. Ire - Boomblast (Hironimus Bosch Remix)
10. Ill-Esha - Only Fair (Unsub Remix)
11. Benny Page - Take You Back
12. DJ Madd - Murder 96
13. Benga - Transformers
14. Self Evident - The Celebration
15. Skrillex - Ruffneck (Flex)
16. Audiophile 021 - Interlude Dub No.2 (Callan Maart Remix)
17. Skism - Power
18. Chase & Status - Let You Go feat. Mali
19. SFR - Hows My Attack
20. Liquid Stranger - Bombaclaad Star

Follow me on Twitter - @DrumStepSTD

Catch you on the dance floor.

Friday, July 15, 2011



Download audio here.


Echo Park — Fibreoptic (12th & Flinch Remix)
Dream — Trigga Finger
Nero — Promises (Nero & Skrillex Remix)
Pxlfst — Tweaky
16 Bit — Boston Cream MTA
Terror Danjah & Ruby Lee Ryder — Full Attention (Skream Special)
Stinkahbell — Malicious Software (Terrorhythm)
Emalkay — The World (Trolley Snatcha Remix)
Joker — My Trance Girl
Whitehead Brothers — Your Love Is A 187
Ralph Tresvant — Sensitivity
Ginuwine — Pony
The Others — First Flight
Coki — Mad Man
Subzee D — Void
Dismantle — Dimension
Kutz — Gs27
Dream — This Isn't House
Subzee D — Judge Dredd
Dubson — Kr4 Cro
Benga — Any Steppers


Thursday, June 9, 2011

In New DJs We Trust – Skream & Benga (06/09/2011) TRACKLIST

Skream and Benga will be live on BBC Radio 1Xtra tonight at about 10pm (9pm UK time) giving us the latest and greatest.

This will be their third instalment with the last two showcasing absolute bangers! Tracklists and downloads are available here:
Skream & Benga - In New DJs We Trust (1/25/2011)
Skream & Benga - In New DJs We Trust (5/12/2011)

(06/09/2011) DOWNLOAD
 >>> DJsWeTrust_Skream&Benga_2011_06_09.mp3

All you got to do is hit up and tune into their live audio stream.


  1. Hackman - Close [Greco-Roman]
  2. Skream - Detrimental
  3. The Others - Planet X
  4. Katy B - Easy Please Me (Claude Von Stroke Remix)
  5. Mala - Harvest
  6. Kito - Run For Cover (feat. Reija Lee)
  7. The Age of Love - The Age of Love (Subscape Remix)
  8. Silkie - Get Up n Dance
  9. Benga - Running
Showjacker - Minimix From Dismantle
  1. Max Romeo - Chase The Devil
  2. Coki - Madman
  3. Dismantle - Clone
  4. Kutz - Big'n'bad
  5. Dismantle - Warp
  6. Eddie K Minus & Beefy - Dark Ages
  7. Hizzleguy - Buck Em Down
  8. Soap Dodgers - Rachel Went South
  9. Hurley - Cant Let Go
  10. MC Jakes - Rock Tha Bells
  11. Zed Bias - Neighberhood (El-B Remix)
  12. Kutz & Djg - Hella Tight
  13. Dismantle - Word Dance
  14. Musical Mob - Pulse X
  15. Hizzleguy - Prime Time
  16. Dismantle - Computation
  17. Crookers - Bust Em Up
  18. Dismantle - The Witch
  19. Max Romeo - Chase The Devil
  20. Hizzleguy - Haunted
  21. Chase & Status - Saxon
  22. Benny Benassi - Satisfaction (Afrojack Remix)
  23. Dismantle - Kill Dem Sub
  24. Dismantle - Just A Thought
  25. LTJ Bukem - Horizons
  26. Skream - Wtf
  27. Major Lazer - Pon Di Floor
  28. Dismantle - Oh My Word
  29. Hizzleguy - Dread
  30. Dismantle - Broke
  31. Skream - Filth
  32. 16 Bit - Milky Bar Kid
  33. Benton - Smash That Badger
  34. Cluekid - Frogs On Acid
  35. Hizzleguy - Destructo
  36. Aliens - Xterminate
  37. Hizzleguy - Understand
  38. Hizzleguy - Hit It Raw
  39. Dismantle - More Funk
  40. Jakes vs Joker - 3K Lane
  41. Hizzleguy & Dismantle - Everybody
  42. Hizzleguy & Dismantle - Nightcrawler
  43. Dismantle - Sweet Thing
  44. Dexplicit - Bulla Cake
  45. Redlight - What U Talking About (feat. Ms Dynamite)
  46. Redlight - Source 16
  47. Urban Shakedown Aka Some Justice '95 - Arsonist
  48. Giant - Punani
Benga's Bangers & Skream's Slammers
  1. Magnetic Man - Anthemic feat. P Money
  2. 501 - Unknown Enemy
  3. Document One- Break Down
  4. Karton - Feed The Horde
  5. Skrillex - Ruffnek Bass (Fuller Flex)
  6. Kgb - High Volume
  7. Vandera - Move On (Dream Remix)
  8. Paul Woolford - Let it Go (Komonazmuk + Appleblim Remix)
  9. Silver & Prophecy - Problem Child


Skream & Benga - In New DJs We Trust (5/12/2011) Tracklist + Download



A-Trak – Ray Ban Vision (Lucky Beard Remix)
Emalkay – Metropolis
Skream – Snarled
Squarewave, Sukhknight & Mr. K – Tribesman
Tunnidge – Control
El-Wiz – Untitled
Donae’o – Swagger (Skream Mix)
Skrillex – Ruffneck
Haze – Dubnium
Subze-D – Stop, Drop & Roll
Prime – Machines
Dream – Influence
Caspa – Champion Skank
Eddie K & Minus – Dark Ages
Benga – Clip
Crissy Criss – Let Go
Dream & Integral – Unknown
Benga – Smbu
Silver & Prophecy – Turn You On

Skream & Benga - In New DJs We Trust (1/25/2011) Tracklist + Download



Encore — Wind Up (2000f and J Kamata Remix) – Island
Synkro — Look at Yourself – Dub
Verse — No Solution – Dub
Loefah & Pinch — Broken – Tectonic
Mala — Eyes VIP – DMZ
Emalkay — Massive – Dub Police
Matt-U — Straightened Up – Dub
Rusko — Lez Go – Mad Decent
The Others — Say To You – Dub Police
Chase & Status — Flashing Lights ft Sub Focus & Takura – Mercury
Boards of Canada — Base Free – Warp
Jah Cure — Farmers Pleasure (Lovin This) ft First Born (LD Remix) – Vizion Sounds Records
Coki — Badness – Dub
Benga — Steppin’ Up – Dub
P-Money — Left The Room (Skreamix) – Dub
Benga — Goin’ Up – Dub
Skream — Demented – Dub
Funtcase — Make Our Day VIP – Dub
D1 — Flood of Emotions ft Jenna G – Dubpolice

Thursday, May 19, 2011

128 Minutes of quality music

All DJ's should upload mixes atleat once a month! I found these 3 mixes this week, all have been posted up within the last 2/3 days!


Hyphen - Red Bull Studio Mix


Blitzkrieg - Rhymes with Plum-Crepes


White Nite - nu.step Volume 2

Here's something from Trolley Snatcha, a UK DJ/Producer doing big things in the industry! This mix is a must for those interested in the UK scene, some big tunes.

Trolley Snatcha BBC 1xtra MistaJam Guestmix
Click here for download

Catch you on the d-floor

Zanzibar at Carnival Court (Long Street)

Carnival Court's Wednesday Dubstep nights are the shit!

After complete boredom at home I decided to go for a beer at a pub near by, alone. Half way through I pulled out my semi-smart phone and checked facebook. I saw a status saying: "come listen to some dubstep @carnival court... (next to longstreet cafe)" - it was a sign!

It was quite a cool party with LOTS of potential. Its free, they've got foosball and a pool table, balcony etc! The music is perfect for a party, a good mixture of dubs were used - which was nice to hear.

Definitely worth checking out! 

DUBSTEP @ Carnival Court Facebook page.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Lil Wayne - A Milli (James Blake Harmonimix)

I first heard this track in a mix by Synamatix called “Music Is Crack”. One of my favourite mixes in my collection. I came across it during Oneman’s set at Fiction and again in a mix by Appleblim & Ramadanman (Apple Pips) which can be found here.

Synamtix - Facebook / Soundcloud


Cape Town Bass

This weekend made up for that crap last-week.

Friday I finally got to see local producer/DJ Grimehouse (aka Straight Jack) perform at Dakota in Claremont. Pushing out his own material and getting the crowd going mad, much respect! You can catch him at RubADub on the 14th of may alongside some huge names! I will definitely be there for that one! Checkout the event page here.

On Saturday SKisM showed Cape Town why he’s one of the best in the business. I at first wasn’t a believer but he’s set BLEW ME AWAY!

RubADub is making history here in Cape Town keeping up with their rivals Step Up – I’ve got massive love for both of them!

Dont forget about Exile Island hosted by Rubadub @ Rock the River SA, Easter Beast. This event is going to be HUGE!!!

Catch you on the d-floor

Jakes - GetDarker Xmas Party 2010

I was searching for new tracks by producer/DJ Jakes (UK-Hench Recordings) and found this mix that’s definitely worth taking a listen to!

I found the tracklist on

16bit - FRZR9000
Jakes - Hooded claw (/Claw VIP)
Skream - Come to Murder
Skream - Meta-lick
Jakes - Boom Boom Bass (Gangoon Dubz Remix) (holy fffuuuu-)
Jakes - Hold ya head
Magnetic man - The Bug
Joker - The vision (!!!)
Jakes - Rhythm 2011
Mrk1 - Dirty Dubstep Music
?? - ?? (Need this, fucking big D:)
?? - ??
Skream - Heavy Hittah (BIG!)
?? - ??
Kano - Spaceship (Trolley Snatcha Remix)
Giant - Iron Man
Eddie K & Minus - Dark ages
?? - ??
Eddie K & Minus - Serial Killer
Jakes & Joker - 3K lane VIP
Jakes & Joker - 3K lane 1999
Dismantle - Clone
Noah D - You know

I love the little write-up on the blog:

“Hench badass Jakes done exactly what he does, and thats put soundsystems into the red, not through choice, but from the pressure of the crowd pulling serious bass faces. A blazing set from Jakes.”

It turns out that you can catch the 6 hour video of the whole party on youtube.

DJ line-up:

Killa & Instinct
Cyrus b2b Darkside
Lost & Shiverz

I’m off tomorrow so I guess I can spare 6 hours… :P

Jakes - Facebook
H.E.N.C.H. - Facebook


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Katy B

Kathleen "Katie" Brien better known as Katy B is a 21 year old British Singer-Songwriter who has an amazing voice and a degree in Popular Music at Goldsmiths University of London to back it up.

Before known as Katy B she went by the name Baby Katy featuring on tracks such as “Tell Me” by DJ NG feat. Mc Versatile and “As I” by Geeneus. She was just 16 years old at the time, finding her way into the underground music world of London.

Now all grown up, Katy B is doing some killer tracks with Magnetic Man, for example “Perfect Stranger” which I honestly can’t get enough of and also the mellower but equally good track, “Cross Over”. For me she really shows how her voice varies and not just a mono toned vocalist.

Katy has been criss-crossing over a wide variety of genres, taking on Dubstep, House, Drum & Bass and UK Funky. Her much anticipated album “On a Mission” was released in 2010 with so many different yet fresh styles of music coming through to make up an album that you could dance to or simply just relax and have a good listen. Tracks that got my attention are “Katy On a Mission” which was produced by the legendary Dubstep DJ Benga, “Lights On” featuring Miss Dynamite with that UK Funky feel and “Louder” a song that you just can’t help but get up and dance too.

Katy B definitely blew up last year with her own style, clever collaborations and showing off a new fresher breed of up and coming artists. So yes I am clearly a big fan of her work. Lets see what she has to offer us this year, hopefully she will be doing some more tracks with the likes of Benga, Skream and Artwork (Magnetic Man). All we can do is wait and see what happens but this Beauty is truly on a mission of note.


Tasty Treat Factory

The crew spent this Saturday past at a house party (a 21st) in the heart of TTF territory, I had a surprize waiting for me. Couldn’t believe I didn’t see it coming!    

The food was cool, the girls hot, the alcohol free and normal music. So whatever, the party was good. During the night my I found an old buddy from the TTF crew. 13. He told me he had a small suprize for me… he used his thumb and index finger and made the shape of a 4g banky -or at least that’s what I thought- and said: “That small”.

So about 2 hours later the DJ packed up and 13 got on the decks. That party went from cool to the best house party I’ve been to in a while! I thought it was quite a big suprize! 13 dropped a sick set, starting off with Dubstep and ending with Drum & Bass. The mixing was very good and the song selection was perfect for a house party.

I love seeing that kind of growth in the scene. Respekt TTF.

You can catch them on Facebook here

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mala | 2011 | May | CAPE TOWN!!

Mala is going to tear shit up in Cape Town in may!

Big ups Step-Up!

Jamie xx

If you were wondering about Jamie xx like I was, here’s what’s up (wadup)…

Jamie is originally from The xx, an English indie pop band, formed in London.

So “I'm New Here” is the thirteenth album by American soul artist Gil Scott-Heron, released early 2010. It is Scott-Heron's first album of original material in sixteen years, following a period of personal and legal troubles with drug addiction. A remix of the album, titled “We’re New Here”, was produced by Jamie xx of The xx and released early 2011. Both the same recording label.

Jamie xx has produced one of my top tracks for 2010/11: Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie xx - 'NY Is Killing Me'. His other productions have been amazing!

Follow Jamie on Facebook for videos and news here.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Its a Jungle out there

Hyphen and Niskerone are setting the standards EXTREMELY high in the Drum n Bass (and Dubstep) DJing scene in South Africa. Awesome mixing, awesome tunage!!

Niskerone is the resident DJ at ICFTJ at Fiction. You can catch him their every thursday at Fiction

Hyphen hosts the longest running (and greatest) Drum n Bass radio show on Bush Radio 89.5 fm, every tuesday from 10pm.
Hyphen FB
Hyphen Twitter
The Sublime DnB Radio Show - Live stream and Official Chatroom links

The party was SICK last night. Bad ass crowd! Fiction is soooo where its at i just wish it was a bit BIGGER. We are very lucky to have quailty parties such as ICFTJ, Step Up, Homegrown and RubaDub on a regular basis. The international acts that these guys pull in are huge!

On the 16 of April RubaDub's hosting this world renown DJ/Producer and definetly not to be missed if you are into the more harder side of Dubstep.

SKisM (Never Say Die Records)
Never Say Die Vol 7 - Mixed by SKisM
RubaDub 1st Birthday feat. Skism event page

Next month Step Up will be incharge of making our Dubstep dreams come true by bringing us the great Mala! No solid deatails have been made out to the public as of yet but the man's definetly coming! Mala is one half of the production duo: The Digital Mystikz.
Step Up FB page
Mala FB
Digital Mystiks FB page

If its bass that you like, checkout these two tracks.

Support the scene!
Catch you on the d-floor

Friday, March 25, 2011

Dakota throwing some cool parties.

Dakota, in the heart of Claremont, are throwing some ruckus FREE parties.

Last week Thursday they hosted *P.H.Fat* and filled up the club with a mad crowd.
THURSDAY @ DAKOTA > FREE ENTRANCE (I saved the original link for this but for some reason this pops up. LOL)

At the moment Audiophile 021 and Psydstep are playing and are probably killing it!

Amp’d to see who’s next.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dubstep/Drum n Bass DJ - LG Fritz

In my opinion, this guy has HUGE potential and should be kept an eye on! With some cool tracks in his pouch and some mean mixing skills. When I first heard him on the decks, I immediately knew that he wasn't your average DJ from the Cape. His Facebook says that he's from Kettering, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom but he's staying in cape town now. 

Checkout some of the projects he has been working on:

Facebook page:

AND FINALLY!! Take a listen to his latest Drum n Bass mix:

LG Fritz - Drum & Bass Promo Mix by LG Fritz

STD: "yo dude what did you use to make this mix??"
LG Fritz: "I just recorded myself mixing live on serato with my controller"

Catch you on the d-floor

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rock the River - Easter Beast

I plan on attending Rock the River over the coming Easter weekend in April for one reason only.


The Exile Island is hosted by RubADub and I guarantee that its going to be amazing!

Line up:

...and I think theres more to come. 


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bush Radio Streaming Audio

Bush Radio launched a new way of streaming, you now have the option of choosing your player. Windows Media Player, Winamp etc.

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Chronos, The kings of filth.

I just got my hands on an exclusive Chronos Records (UK) Promo Pack - Farmville EP

Track list:
Devnik-Bumpy Ride
F3tch - Fuck Your Mum
Getter & Juggernaut - Grindhouse
Phear Phace-Rambo VIP
Shekel-Total Fucking War
Zjasp-air & Distrikt - Printer Drive By

HUGE tracks! Keep your eyes and ears open for them.

If you are DJing the filthy stuff and you have not heard of Chronos, get your self laid and then visit their SoundCloud page -

Chronos on FaceBook -


Some cool music I would like to share.

I love these remixes, either of tracks from the band "The XX" or remixes from members of the band doing remixes of other tracks. Confusing right... It doesnt matter, just listen :)

Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie xx - 'NY Is Killing Me'

lorence And The Machine - You Got The Love (The XX Remix)

Xx - Crystalised (Dubstep Remix)

Xx - Crystalised (Dubstep Remix) by LabRat

The XX - Infinity (Marty Party Remix)

Here's some other random tracks I've taking a licking to. love it, hate it... whatevz

Lung - Relapse

Relapse (Forthcoming Med School) by Lung

The Police - Roxanne - (MartyParty Remix)

Terravita - Freak Out

Niraya - The Beginning

This is a mix from a local player in the game, you should check this guy out live!

Half-Life - Under Pressure! (mix)

Under Pressure! by Half-Life

Half-Life FaceBook page

Catch you on the d-floor

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National Drum and Bass Awards 2011 - Results

Best Radio Station: Kool FM

Best Online Shop: Chemical-Records

Best Festival: Westfest

Best Event: Hospitality

Best Club Night: Hospitality

Best Label: Hospital

Best Promoter: Hospitality

Best Album: Nightlife 5

Best Track: Hold On (Sub Focus Remix)

Best Live Act: Chase and Status

Best Radio Show: Fabio & Grooverider

Best Breakthrough MC: Nutcracker

Best Breakthrough DJ: Netsky

Best Breakthrough Producer: Netsky

Best Dubstep Producer: Nero

Best Producer:
1st Chase & Status
2nd Netsky
3rd Camo & Krooked

Best Female MC: MC Deeizm

Best Female DJ: DJ Storm

Best Old school MC: Bassman

Best Old School DJ: Kenny Ken

Best International Artist: Netsky

Best Technical DJ: Spor

Best Liquid DJ: Netsky

Best Crowd Hype MC: Skibadee

Best Lyrical MC: Eksman

Best DJ: Andy C

Lifetime Achievement: DJ SS

Behind the Scenes: Eastman (Kool FM)

I read about this on the 6th of March, the night of the event, and been looking for the results everywhere!! Found it on this really interesting blog ;) DnBA TV Live Archives

Random track

Thanks in advance

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Sublime Drum n Bass Show Chat Room

This is the official Chat Room for Hyphens DnB show on Bush 89.5fm.

Ask questions, send shout-outs, request tracks and speak directly to the DJs

Listen live:

Choose nickname, no user name or password is required, paste this where it says 'channels': "#TheSublimeShowChatRoom" -without quotes, NO SPACES, leave Auth to services and Audio captcha unclicked. Type in validation code and start chatting.

If you have any problems email me on: or contact customer support on the Bush Radio website listed above.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The DrumStepSTD Crew

Many do not know this but DrumStepSTD is actually a small crew of mad friends who go out to as many DnB and Dubstep parties as they can. Our aim is to get as fucked as we possibly can and enjoy the music we love. No one does it harder than us and last night was a true example.

The launch of Devastation last night at Voom Voom was awesome!! The DnB was sooo hard! I really enjoyed myself, the drinks were fairly priced, the sound was LOUD, the crowd was full of energy and there was even a small fight. How dope!

Lets try and sound like the average blogger. And next up was so-and-so and he absolutely blew me away with [insert long intelegent here] and [another intelegent word here] FUCKME I don't even know who was DJing at the time. BIG-UPS to:

Pziezzo Electric
Bruce Willis??
and the mc for the night MC Psyke

Everyone should be on the lookout for Bruce Willis?? I missed his set last night but I caught him by chance at fiction a couple of weeks ago. He has some kick-ass tunes!! He's going to be big and soon! Can anyone share a Facebook link?

Anyways I'm going to enjoy this hangover while it lasts. I will update this later with some links, the Devastaion marketing video and some other infomations.


Looks like the pictures and videos are not being posted up on Facebook.

Cold Turkey is getting bigger and bigger and BIGGER. If you have not checked it out yet, you are seriously missing out!!

BIGUPS to the rest of the DrumStepCPT crew
Chant + A.M


Catch you on the d-floor

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A step into the future

The honest truth is that Dubstep and Drum n Bass has consumed my sole and I'm currently unable to live without it and consider myself as theee biggest fan in South Africa. Yes that’s a very bold statement indeed, but wa'eva. I have good faith in the genres and think they will be around for ever.

I took the opportunity on Friday at a party at Fiction called “Not U2” to have a quick chat with the great Funafuji. I guess I should have taken down some notes as I can't remember much about the “interview”. I asked her about her plans for the future, knowing that she’s graduating this year from med-school, my worries were confirmed. Obviously stuff like that comes first in life. She says (in that cool accent of hers) that she’s not going to be gigging that often anymore but will definitely be making appearances at festivals and focusing on production. Very understandable!

IN MY OPINION, no-one comes close to Funafuji's talent, unique style and pure awesomeness when it comes to the art of DJing Dubstep at the moment. I have realised that our top DnB and Dub DJs have so many years of experience in their respective genres, and that's why they are so good!

What’s going to happen when the top dogs retire? What’s going to happen to the history stored on their vinyl? There are a lot of new guys in the scene, its growing so fast, but is it growing properly? Is money becoming more important than the music?

I would love to see these guys pass on their knowledge to worthy students and keep their legacies alive. Paying to learn how to DJ sucks.

Anyways back to the present!

Here's a mix by Funafuji. I was listening to it while writing this.
Some events that shouldn't be missed:

*See You Next Wednesday FB event page - Wednesday @ The Assembly

R10 for girls and R20 for guys.
BTW big respect to the guys behind this party! They took marketing to a new level. Perfect entry fee aswell :)

*Adventures In Bass FB event page - Saturday @ Club Voom Voom

R30 bucks entry, KILLER sound system!! :)

*Cold Turkey FB event page. - Sunday @ District 6 Cafe

Bring and braai + cash bar :) R20 entry

Some cool links to check out:
Auditory Vision - Electronic music blog
Bass Steppaz - Some guys throwing parties up the on the Westside

Catch me on Facebook for regular updates and some quality tracks I find on the net:

Keep skanking
Catch you on the d-floor

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chaos and Disorder

So far 2011 has been packed with Dubstep and DnB gigs, this shit is getting big in Cape Town. I attended quite a few parties (shot for the comps) and saw some good quality DJ's which always make me happy!

Cold Turkey 23 Jan (District 6 cafe)
* BRUCE WILLIS?? killed me at Fiction on the 14th of Jan at Brick City. Will definitely be attending the next one which is on the 24th of Feb.

* On the 19th I partied at Ivy League. Its a weekly DnB party called AMSTERDAMNED
-DJs on the night- HYPHEN, MICKY BLUE & JUANO & JP. I had lots of fun, this party has huge potential!

* Some mad friends and I missioned to Stellies on the 22nd. SFR and Niskerone filled Die Mystic Boer to its max! -A Night With Dhala Kulture-

* The next day Cold Turkey (3) spoilt us heavily with Ghislain Poirier (CAN) (Ninja Tunes), Dank (Live), Soulo Starr, Jacob Snake and the regulars of course.

* Unfortunately I missed out on DJ Fresh at fiction on the 27th, it must have been crazy!! Big ups to everyone involved!!

WHATSUP MUTHA.FM!??! - I Love Bass
* The much anticipated I LOVE BASS party went down the next day on the 28th. I got a chance to catch some local DJs that I have been dying to see! Callan Maart is an awesome producer and DJ who went to college with me - check him out on SoundCloud. LG Fritz had some bangers! I went off my nut to some Skrilex just because I could. BIG UPS to the guys in charge, the sound system was HUUUGE! Check out this video I took of Mezzanine dropping some tight Eminem remix. My buddy E-Face rapping along.

* Cold Turkey 4 was very chilled, It was a dub/reggae inclined event. I enjoyed Slu Dada and if you are interested you can catch him on Mutha.FM apparently... I'm not sure when though. Funafuji played a dancehall set which was cool to see.

* It Came From The Jungle was pumping as usual this thursday past. Hyphen and Niskerone played back to back for the entire night, it was like 40degs outside, 35 inside, BANGER!! Check out the King of the Jungle Niskerone playing some hot DnB.


* 5th Of feb - HOMEGROWN
Counterstrike (Animal Chin B2B 500Mills):
Cutline (UK):
Ben XO (UK):

* HI-FIDELITY Wednesdays @ DAKOTA -Ft. Niskerone, Sedge Warbler, Blush n Bass etc...
The first installment will be on the 9th of feb feat. Niskerone, Liver and LG Fritz.

* Say Nuffin, Skank or Die!
@Voom Voom
WHITE NITE (Funky & 2 Step)
SUBLIMINAL (Drum & Bass)
BINARY (Dubstep)
ISH (Dubstep, 2 Step, Grime)
BLOTCHY (2 Step, Funky, UK BASS)

Line up of noteee!! That is going to be a SICK party!

* RubADub
7ft Soundsystem
Funafuji <3
Psydstep (Strobe1 vs Storm)

lol nuff said.

- For all events
DrumStepSTD - FB
- Callan Maart's SoundCloud
- Mutha.FM

Keep skanking
Catch you on the d-floor