Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A step into the future

The honest truth is that Dubstep and Drum n Bass has consumed my sole and I'm currently unable to live without it and consider myself as theee biggest fan in South Africa. Yes that’s a very bold statement indeed, but wa'eva. I have good faith in the genres and think they will be around for ever.

I took the opportunity on Friday at a party at Fiction called “Not U2” to have a quick chat with the great Funafuji. I guess I should have taken down some notes as I can't remember much about the “interview”. I asked her about her plans for the future, knowing that she’s graduating this year from med-school, my worries were confirmed. Obviously stuff like that comes first in life. She says (in that cool accent of hers) that she’s not going to be gigging that often anymore but will definitely be making appearances at festivals and focusing on production. Very understandable!

IN MY OPINION, no-one comes close to Funafuji's talent, unique style and pure awesomeness when it comes to the art of DJing Dubstep at the moment. I have realised that our top DnB and Dub DJs have so many years of experience in their respective genres, and that's why they are so good!

What’s going to happen when the top dogs retire? What’s going to happen to the history stored on their vinyl? There are a lot of new guys in the scene, its growing so fast, but is it growing properly? Is money becoming more important than the music?

I would love to see these guys pass on their knowledge to worthy students and keep their legacies alive. Paying to learn how to DJ sucks.

Anyways back to the present!

Here's a mix by Funafuji. I was listening to it while writing this.
Some events that shouldn't be missed:

*See You Next Wednesday FB event page - Wednesday @ The Assembly

R10 for girls and R20 for guys.
BTW big respect to the guys behind this party! They took marketing to a new level. Perfect entry fee aswell :)

*Adventures In Bass FB event page - Saturday @ Club Voom Voom

R30 bucks entry, KILLER sound system!! :)

*Cold Turkey FB event page. - Sunday @ District 6 Cafe

Bring and braai + cash bar :) R20 entry

Some cool links to check out:
Auditory Vision - Electronic music blog
Bass Steppaz - Some guys throwing parties up the on the Westside

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  1. What a write up... I agree with you 250%... TTF

  2. A few years back it was difficult to access the equipment needed to become a professional. Now days its so easy to grab a PC and install some version of Traktor or VDJ for that matter. A few years back it was strictly vinyl. I have TRIED to mix with vinyl and I know it is quite an art. It then moved onto CD. This was still great because it made everything more convenient than lugging around a boot full of LP's from gig to gig. DJing was still an art. Now days it is quite simply getting a laptop, mac preferably, installing Traktor, stealing all your buddies music and pushing a few sync buttons and playing with the effects. I am not a DJ but I have mixed using various equipment from SL1200's to CDJ's and even VDJ and Traktor. Don't get me wrong, I know a few professional DJ's that mix using Traktor but once again this is for convenience as all of their LEGALLY bought music is still mixed using a time code method, which is still an art... I will be shocked to know how many DJ's are registered with SAMRO. A DJ can actually be arrested for playing at a gig and they are not registered with SAMRO. Posted by - TASTY TREAT FACTORY

  3. You may be able to sync and steal your buddies music which allows you have tunes and appear to be a skilled mixer but if you don't understand the music, have a love for it or are able to work with a crowd you will never be a good DJ.
    I to cant stand seeing people clicking buttons in front of their computers but if they dont have the talent the immaculate mixing does nothing for them.
    The set is boring.
    I'd rather listen to someone clashing their mixes that selects intelligently and makes people move.
    The digital era is here and people should stop moaning about days gone by and 'when we used to play vinyl'. that argument is tired. Rather look at people who are using the equipment to do things you could not have even imagined on viynl before. Its getting more exciting not the other way around.

  4. im no dj, just a huuuge fan and collector. love the new digi movement. i just respect vinyl djs because they go through alot to get their music and i see it as an art. although the new top end diji equipment is also hard to get hold of if you dont have the cash, and takes some time learning to use the equipment to the fullest extent.

    love it when djs make an effort!