Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Vermin - Chronos

I would love to see this guy live!

Here are my three favourite tracks by him, so far, from what I've heard.

Vermin - Chemical by DUBliminalCOM

Vermin- Man Down VIP by DUBliminalCOM

Watch out for this guy!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Step Up @ Fiction 18 Dec

Definitely the best monthly Dubstep party in South Africa! PERIOD!

At first I was comparing Step Up to RubADub but quickly figured out that it's impossible to compare the two. I enjoyed RubADub because it was insanely full and more of a "jump-up" kind of vibe. Step Up took me back to when I was more into the chilled out, bassy, wobbly kind of dubstep, you know… the good stuff. The crowd was fairly light, no shaky floors or congestion but I could see that everyone there LOVED Dubstep. By the way, if you count yourself as a regular, count yourself spotted.

The line up was as follows:

I got there reasonably early but not early enough to catch my favourite local DJ, Funafuji, who was up first. I was very disappointed but there will always be a next time.

When I arrived Ish was on the decks. Originally from the UK, she was raised in a Rasta community… how cool is that? Ish started off her set smooth and chilled with just a few of us floating on the floor. She then dropped some hectic beats which naturally drew a crowd. I really enjoyed it. She knows her stuff and is definitely worth taking a GOOD listen to. *Side note* We might have been over thinking it but my friend and I noticed that Ish had some crazy mixing skills! My friend described it as “the sound a jigsaw puzzle would make”. Check it out for yourselves.
Ish - FB

Next up was 7ft Soundsystem. Because I never really was a huge fan of reggae and I heard 7ft were more reggae inclined (Dub if I’m not mistaken), I never really took notice of them in the past. When I saw that they were playing at the party I was a bit sceptic, however, I trusted that the guys at Step Up would give me nothing but quality. Quality is an understatement in this situation, they were pure class! A live Dubstep crew? Yes. Awesome! What a cool experience. Can’t wait to check them out at Rezonance.

7ft Soundsystem live gear:
1. laptop
2. edirol midi keyboard.
3. Novation launched (controlling ableton live)
4. Kaoss pad kp3
5. Roland 404 fx and sampler
6. Korg monotron
7. Melodica

Very tallented guys! This is art!

Here's a quick video taken with my Sony Ericsson Vivas Pro (Good Quality).
7ft-Soundsystem - FB

Dr Shade aka The Bulgarian was a bit of a letdown for me. I guess its personal taste but I will have to take another listen to him some time and make up my mind. It could have been that I sobered up when it came to his set which in turn was the reason for me missing the Binary set. I thought I would be back in time from the local drinking hole, Cadiz. FYI: if you are lucky, you can find some Dubstep and DnB at Cadiz, for your listening pleasure. Unfortunately I missed this legend of the Dubstep scene.
Binary - FB

Blotchy – the guy that made my night. I got back in time to catch the start of Blotchy’s set. I didn’t know who he was to be honest but he absolutely blew me away when he played one of my favourite tracks: Scuba - You Got Me. Lots of respect right there!

What I love about fiction is that if you stay for the last set, you will be blessed with huge tracks and they never disappoint. Blotchy had the smallish crowd in the palm of his hand and like puppets we danced to his beats. I could feel the love for Dubstep in the air as the remaining hardcore fans gathered on the floor for the last couple songs. As the lights came on and the music switched off, the crowd begged for one more track, Blotchy dropped Flux Pavilion’s “Can’t stop”, unfortunately the subs were turned off, but it was still a jam.
Fiction - FB
Step Up - FB


BIIIIG ups to Fiction and the crew at Step Up!

Early Xmas Gifts??

I just got my hands on this beautiful mix from The Brotherhood of Filth. DJ Switch, Malicious DJ & The Doctor delivers extreme quality with amazing technical skills.  This should be grabbed up while it’s still available, it will go up like hot cakes when the public finds this free mix. Enjoy!! 

Finger Puppets Mix by The Brotherhood Of Filth

Brotherhood of Filth - FB