Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Vermin - Chronos

I would love to see this guy live!

Here are my three favourite tracks by him, so far, from what I've heard.

Vermin - Chemical by DUBliminalCOM

Vermin- Man Down VIP by DUBliminalCOM

Watch out for this guy!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Step Up @ Fiction 18 Dec

Definitely the best monthly Dubstep party in South Africa! PERIOD!

At first I was comparing Step Up to RubADub but quickly figured out that it's impossible to compare the two. I enjoyed RubADub because it was insanely full and more of a "jump-up" kind of vibe. Step Up took me back to when I was more into the chilled out, bassy, wobbly kind of dubstep, you know… the good stuff. The crowd was fairly light, no shaky floors or congestion but I could see that everyone there LOVED Dubstep. By the way, if you count yourself as a regular, count yourself spotted.

The line up was as follows:

I got there reasonably early but not early enough to catch my favourite local DJ, Funafuji, who was up first. I was very disappointed but there will always be a next time.

When I arrived Ish was on the decks. Originally from the UK, she was raised in a Rasta community… how cool is that? Ish started off her set smooth and chilled with just a few of us floating on the floor. She then dropped some hectic beats which naturally drew a crowd. I really enjoyed it. She knows her stuff and is definitely worth taking a GOOD listen to. *Side note* We might have been over thinking it but my friend and I noticed that Ish had some crazy mixing skills! My friend described it as “the sound a jigsaw puzzle would make”. Check it out for yourselves.
Ish - FB

Next up was 7ft Soundsystem. Because I never really was a huge fan of reggae and I heard 7ft were more reggae inclined (Dub if I’m not mistaken), I never really took notice of them in the past. When I saw that they were playing at the party I was a bit sceptic, however, I trusted that the guys at Step Up would give me nothing but quality. Quality is an understatement in this situation, they were pure class! A live Dubstep crew? Yes. Awesome! What a cool experience. Can’t wait to check them out at Rezonance.

7ft Soundsystem live gear:
1. laptop
2. edirol midi keyboard.
3. Novation launched (controlling ableton live)
4. Kaoss pad kp3
5. Roland 404 fx and sampler
6. Korg monotron
7. Melodica

Very tallented guys! This is art!

Here's a quick video taken with my Sony Ericsson Vivas Pro (Good Quality).
7ft-Soundsystem - FB

Dr Shade aka The Bulgarian was a bit of a letdown for me. I guess its personal taste but I will have to take another listen to him some time and make up my mind. It could have been that I sobered up when it came to his set which in turn was the reason for me missing the Binary set. I thought I would be back in time from the local drinking hole, Cadiz. FYI: if you are lucky, you can find some Dubstep and DnB at Cadiz, for your listening pleasure. Unfortunately I missed this legend of the Dubstep scene.
Binary - FB

Blotchy – the guy that made my night. I got back in time to catch the start of Blotchy’s set. I didn’t know who he was to be honest but he absolutely blew me away when he played one of my favourite tracks: Scuba - You Got Me. Lots of respect right there!

What I love about fiction is that if you stay for the last set, you will be blessed with huge tracks and they never disappoint. Blotchy had the smallish crowd in the palm of his hand and like puppets we danced to his beats. I could feel the love for Dubstep in the air as the remaining hardcore fans gathered on the floor for the last couple songs. As the lights came on and the music switched off, the crowd begged for one more track, Blotchy dropped Flux Pavilion’s “Can’t stop”, unfortunately the subs were turned off, but it was still a jam.
Fiction - FB
Step Up - FB


BIIIIG ups to Fiction and the crew at Step Up!

Early Xmas Gifts??

I just got my hands on this beautiful mix from The Brotherhood of Filth. DJ Switch, Malicious DJ & The Doctor delivers extreme quality with amazing technical skills.  This should be grabbed up while it’s still available, it will go up like hot cakes when the public finds this free mix. Enjoy!! 

Finger Puppets Mix by The Brotherhood Of Filth

Brotherhood of Filth - FB

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Mutha FM is an online radio station which doesn't use commercial methods like big corporate guys in suits deciding what we should listen to by pushing certain tracks in order to sell them. I call it brainwashing.

Every Wednesday from 8pm - 10pm Microstripe and Quake hosts The XXXL Bass Show. Both Microstripe and Quake are very established in their fields and are definitely worth taking a listen to.
Microstripe - Facebook
Quake - Fcaebook

You can catch them both in action at Mutha FM Rocks the River - NYE party.
Rock the River - Facebook event



Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My two favorite Dubstep mixes

I know that I've been focusing a lot more on the harder filthier side of Dubstep, so I wanted to share with you my personal two favorite mixes. I actually call them my two favorite songs! Very bassy and foul of soul.

Music is Crack by Synamatix
Fantastic Mr. Fox - Sketches - Black Acre
Breakage - Open Up - Digital Soundboy
Jack Dixon - Somebody Said They Saw You - Unreleased
Scuba - You Got Me - Hot Flush
Lung. - Bimini Road - Unreleased
Pangaea - Why - Hessle Audio
ST Files - Tek No Dub - Revolver
Lauren Pritchard - Stuck (Guido Remix) - White Label ** this track is amazing!
Set in Motion - Untitled 2 - Unreleased
Spherix - Lesser People - Immerse
Synkro - Vacant - Smoke
Cosmin TRG - Strobe Lick - Tempa
Synamatix - The Border - Unreleased
SDUK - Clunge - Slit Jockey Dub
Major Lazor - Hold The Line (Shamrok Remix) - Unreleased
Tempa T - Next Hype (Ashburner Remix) - Unreleased
Lil Wayne - Amilli (Harmonimix) - White Label
XI - Light FM - Formant
Massive Attack - Paradise Circus (Breakage Remix) - Unreleased

01. Eddie K - Disfigured Loveft. Beezy, Minus and Shadz ** Beezy's lyrics are trippy!
02. Eddie K - Starlight
03. Mensah - 1986 Was The Future
04. Lost - Disgusting Justin
05. Jakes - Code Zebra
06. Eddie K - Warriors Remix
07. Lost - Metal Foot
08. Mensah & Eddie K - Steady As She Goes
09. Eddie K - Whos The Hardest VIP
10. Lost & Hatcha - Stress
11. Jakes - Justice
12. Lost - Neckback
13. Mensah - Stapleton Road
14. Eddie K - Serial Killa ft. Beezy and Minus
15. Jakes - Loved Up
16. Lost - Cheese Monstaz
17. M.u.g.e.n - Luke Envoy (Jakes Remix)
18. Lost - Ironhide
19. Jakes - Kill Da Roach

SO... Still very hard but more of a chilled vibe... A bit of both.

On the topic, I have noticed that girls are skanking harder than the guys out here in Cape Town... What happened to the madness??

Doctor P - DJ/Producer UK

Doctor P just droped a new remix out on SoundCloud now and its free!

Plan B - Love Goes Down - Doctor P remix by time4planb

He's got some very good tracks out there and is defnitly worth a look at if you havn't alrdeady.

Doctor P - Gargoyle

Doctor P - Sweet Shop

Monday, December 13, 2010

Inspector Dub!

Follow The Inspector on YouTube and hear the latest underground dubstep and drum & bass. He brings you the latest music from some of the biggest artists and labels. Honestly I haven't ever been disappointed with what he showcases. He's that awesome.

Epic mix!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


This talented guy is only 18 years old and has been producing and playing Dubstep for about a year. He knows the definition of filth and hes not scared to show it.


Heres some of his tracks and a sick mix.

Trampa - Abducted (CLIP) by Trampa

Trampa - Daleks VIP by Trampa

Trampa's 3000 fans mix by Trampa

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Rubadub 11 December

Last night I decided to go to Rubadub in search of some bass and that’s what I found!

Small problem though… I got pretty f*cked so I don’t remember much at all… luckily I’m smart and made some notes on my Sony Ericsson.

So this is what I took down, I will explain along the way.

I got to Mercury at 12:30, paid my 40 bucks and went straight upstairs to the main floor. Somewhere around then is where I got intoxicated.

Here are the notes I took down and what my best description of it:

1:21 lost my mind.
-         I guess that was the first thought that I managed to write down, the music was mind blowing!

1:23 nothing like live dubstep.
-         Well that’s a given, but I remember the DJs throwing down some quality stuff and I

1:31 half life mc?
-         I didn’t know who was playing as I came so late, I found out by a friend (Kyle) that it was Half-Life, he was killing us on the dance floor, could definitely hear some outboard hardware, that’s when you know the shits quality! I have no idea who the MC’s were but they were awesome, not too much and not too little.

1:34 Skism – Power
-         At one stage Half-Life dropped this familiar sounding tune which obviously was very popular amongst the crowd as they went absolutely mad for it, Kyle told me it was Skism – Power. The track didn’t really affect me the same as the others but it’s still a very good track!

1:34 shaky shit
-         For some reason I typed that during Skism – Power… So I must have been feeling that shit lol

1:38 cool easy crowd/evil music – nice air con
-         I noticed that everyone on the dance floor and surroundings were all very happy and on good terms with each other, no bad vibes at all even though the music is a mash-up of pure filth and evilness.
-         The air conditioning at mercury is perfect… I could dance all night without breaking a sweat.

1:48 Sub bass hit me hard
-         This one song had huge sub bass! {wikinote: Sub-bass is a term used to describe audible sounds below 90 Hz and extending downward to include the lowest frequency humans can hear, typically 20 Hz. Sound systems often feature one or more subwoofer loudspeakers that are dedicated solely to amplifying sounds in the sub-bass range. Sound below sub-bass is called infrasound.} I thought my organs where going to explode!!!

1:58 mc Cape Town shout-out
-         I enjoyed the “Cape Town” shout-out from one of the MC’s – they know Cape Towns the shit!! Big ups to the MC’s!

2:01 PsydStep
-         PsydStep was on next.
-         The duo Strobe1 & Storm has amazing talent and had me jumping around like a maniac!
-         Very good mixing!

2:17 and then I got more f*cked
-         Unfortunately I didn’t manage to jot down any notes after this… my bad!

I’m very disappointed at myself for missing Mix n Blend and Binary! I must have missed out on two huge sets, I will catch them on the dance floor soon though.

A video I took with my Sony Ericsson Vivas Pro


Mercury - Club

I was first introduced to this amazing club in late 2008 by my friend and former band member (The Manic Mischiefs - strangely enough named after Manic Mondays at Merc). Found in De Villiers Street in Zonnebloem (next to The Shack), there are a few things that make this club awesome: It’s pretty big, drinks are cheap, the vibe is cool and the sound is perfect (big ups to the sound engineers).

Homegrown – My first time at Merc and my first club DnB experience was at Homegrown. First Saturday of every month, hands down the biggest dedicated DnB party in South Africa. The hosts Animal Chin & 500 Mills have been running Homegrown since 2000 making it the longest running DnB party in SA.

RubADub – A monthly Dubstep event held at Mercury. If I remember correctly I attended one of the first Rubadubs when it was still very small and not that well supported. A couple months later I started hearing very good things about Rubadub and I decided that I should have a second go at it. IT WAS CRAZY! The DJs were ripping the place apart! I hope to see big things from them in 2011.


Friday, December 10, 2010

Rezonance NYE 2010

If you are a bass head, you should be spending your NYE at this mind blowing 3 day outdoor music festival.

As soon as I took a look at the massive line up, I was sold.
Just to name a few:

Thats TOP names up there!! Should be an awsome event and im defnitly attending.

Tickets range from R360 - R400 
Facebook Event 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

World class DnB/Dubstep straight from Cape Town!

Julian Joseph aka SFR is hands down the biggest Dubstep producer in South Africa. He has been in the scene for the past SEVEN years! SFR has been performing all around South Africa and has been to England, France, Belgium, Germany and Sweden where all the good shit goes down.

You can catch him on Facebook @

Buy his tracks online @

But more importantly skank out with me @ Rezonance NYE-CPT

Early DnB / Jungle

Take a step into history with these two classic DnB tracks from two pioneers of the genre.

Aphrodite - Stalker

Goldie - Terminator

Some cool shit I bumped into on the net.

From our friends in london:

Digital Farm Animals- Warrior by Digital Farm Animals

From our Friends surprisingly from Australia:

F3TCH & DAVR - RAWNESS (wip) by F3tch


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

African Dope Records

"African Dope Records is an independent record label based in Cape Town, South Africa. It is the brainchild of the world renowned beats ‘n breaks DJ/producer duo Krushed & Sorted, who began and ran the record label from its original humble HQ in the centre of Cape Town back in 2000. Since April 2000, Dope has been releasing the phreshest beats and breaks by artists from the Mother City."

These guys are doing such a good job with DnB and Dubstep in Cape Town, I think I may have heard my first Dubstep track at an African Dope party.

There are a couple of free tracks on their site:

Look out for krushed & sorted - king of the swingers [animal chin remix] :) One of my favs

African Dope Offerings by africandope

Fiction - The home of Dubstep and Drum and Bass in CPT

Fiction - The home of Dubstep and Drum and Bass (DnB) in Cape Town.

Fiction is a comfy club where people from all over the city come for their dose of Dubstep, DnB, Indie Electro and other genres of music that you wouldn’t find at your average club. Overlooking Long Street from the second story of a building on the corner of Long and (find out the name of the other road) is definitely one of the best parts of this club. The walls are filled with interesting pictures of characters from classic movies that also surround dance floor that is considerably small but still has a big-ass sub in the corner. The crowd all bouncing to their own interpretation of the beats makes the floor wobble hectically and it feels like the building is going to collapse. It’s really unexplainable and you have to experience it to understand.

If you are looking for a Dubstep party, the event "StepUp" at fiction is where it’s at. Fiction hosts this party once a month and you get to see South African's top Dubstep Djs in action such as Funafuji and Fletcher.

Your DnB needs can be fulfilled every Thursday night at "It Came from the Jungle". I was very lucky to have seen international Djs/producers Camo & Crooked perform at one of these events. Niskerone and Hyphen are the regular DnB "Selectors".

Here's a couple of helpful links:

Happy Steppin' 

The Blog

This blog is for anyone interested in drum and bass and dubstep in Cape Town

*This is my first blog, sorry for any typing or grammer errors, im very new at this*