Wednesday, December 8, 2010

African Dope Records

"African Dope Records is an independent record label based in Cape Town, South Africa. It is the brainchild of the world renowned beats ‘n breaks DJ/producer duo Krushed & Sorted, who began and ran the record label from its original humble HQ in the centre of Cape Town back in 2000. Since April 2000, Dope has been releasing the phreshest beats and breaks by artists from the Mother City."

These guys are doing such a good job with DnB and Dubstep in Cape Town, I think I may have heard my first Dubstep track at an African Dope party.

There are a couple of free tracks on their site:

Look out for krushed & sorted - king of the swingers [animal chin remix] :) One of my favs

African Dope Offerings by africandope

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