Sunday, November 20, 2011

mono_sono drops heat in the homegrown mix competition!

As some of you may or may not know, The longest running drum n bass event in Africa, Homegrown, has launched an exciting new concept for their December 3rd event.

The concept being they are hosting a competition to find the most suitable DJ for the late night set between 2:30 - 3:45 after the legendary lords of the underworld Counterstrike.

This leads me to my main reason for this post, mono_sono!

I've known him for some time (in his various guises) But as long as I've known him he has never been one to conform to commercial popularity or should I rather say hype. Not that it might stop him from liking certain music, but generally he is obsessed with a more complex or intriguing type of music that aims to push boundaries or perceptions.

And the music he makes and plays is not very much different to that which he listen's too.

His background has a lot to do with this, having moved to Pretoria from Cape Town he has had time to hone his craft without much outside influence besides for his own choice. The pure fact that he is not as spoilt as we may be with our ripe DNB scene here in Cape Town has allowed him to focus on the sounds that he see's fit for listening. And in the case of his entry for the HG Mix Comp, DANCING!

And dancing is what I did while listening to his mix. When I first read the track listing I knew I was gonna be in for one heck of a jam session!!! Setting himself apart from all the other entry's, which for the most part were dominated by people who ignored the rules of not playing 'Top 40' tunes that are generally reserved for earlier in the night, he dropped a set that was completely different from any of the other DJ's.

Laced with jungle rhythm and groove infested bass from the first moment I pressed play I began to pray that his mix would be the crowned winner.

What do you think?



01 Cycom - Aekhnaton - dub
02 SPY - Revival - Reinforced
03 Martsman - Cold love - Lightless
04 Sileni - Cold sweat - Planet Mu
05 Alpha Omega - Mind rage - Soothsayer
06 Macc & dgohn - Wossat - Inperspective
07 Kiat - Slavecodes - Quilin music
08 Stranjah - G riddim - Soothsayer
09 Fanu & Mineral - Jupiter 2011 - Lightless
10 Naphta - Soundclash 1 - Lightless
11 Greenleaf vs Ricky Force - Dangerous - dub