Thursday, April 14, 2011

Katy B

Kathleen "Katie" Brien better known as Katy B is a 21 year old British Singer-Songwriter who has an amazing voice and a degree in Popular Music at Goldsmiths University of London to back it up.

Before known as Katy B she went by the name Baby Katy featuring on tracks such as “Tell Me” by DJ NG feat. Mc Versatile and “As I” by Geeneus. She was just 16 years old at the time, finding her way into the underground music world of London.

Now all grown up, Katy B is doing some killer tracks with Magnetic Man, for example “Perfect Stranger” which I honestly can’t get enough of and also the mellower but equally good track, “Cross Over”. For me she really shows how her voice varies and not just a mono toned vocalist.

Katy has been criss-crossing over a wide variety of genres, taking on Dubstep, House, Drum & Bass and UK Funky. Her much anticipated album “On a Mission” was released in 2010 with so many different yet fresh styles of music coming through to make up an album that you could dance to or simply just relax and have a good listen. Tracks that got my attention are “Katy On a Mission” which was produced by the legendary Dubstep DJ Benga, “Lights On” featuring Miss Dynamite with that UK Funky feel and “Louder” a song that you just can’t help but get up and dance too.

Katy B definitely blew up last year with her own style, clever collaborations and showing off a new fresher breed of up and coming artists. So yes I am clearly a big fan of her work. Lets see what she has to offer us this year, hopefully she will be doing some more tracks with the likes of Benga, Skream and Artwork (Magnetic Man). All we can do is wait and see what happens but this Beauty is truly on a mission of note.


Tasty Treat Factory

The crew spent this Saturday past at a house party (a 21st) in the heart of TTF territory, I had a surprize waiting for me. Couldn’t believe I didn’t see it coming!    

The food was cool, the girls hot, the alcohol free and normal music. So whatever, the party was good. During the night my I found an old buddy from the TTF crew. 13. He told me he had a small suprize for me… he used his thumb and index finger and made the shape of a 4g banky -or at least that’s what I thought- and said: “That small”.

So about 2 hours later the DJ packed up and 13 got on the decks. That party went from cool to the best house party I’ve been to in a while! I thought it was quite a big suprize! 13 dropped a sick set, starting off with Dubstep and ending with Drum & Bass. The mixing was very good and the song selection was perfect for a house party.

I love seeing that kind of growth in the scene. Respekt TTF.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mala | 2011 | May | CAPE TOWN!!

Mala is going to tear shit up in Cape Town in may!

Big ups Step-Up!

Jamie xx

If you were wondering about Jamie xx like I was, here’s what’s up (wadup)…

Jamie is originally from The xx, an English indie pop band, formed in London.

So “I'm New Here” is the thirteenth album by American soul artist Gil Scott-Heron, released early 2010. It is Scott-Heron's first album of original material in sixteen years, following a period of personal and legal troubles with drug addiction. A remix of the album, titled “We’re New Here”, was produced by Jamie xx of The xx and released early 2011. Both the same recording label.

Jamie xx has produced one of my top tracks for 2010/11: Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie xx - 'NY Is Killing Me'. His other productions have been amazing!

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