Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tasty Treat Factory

The crew spent this Saturday past at a house party (a 21st) in the heart of TTF territory, I had a surprize waiting for me. Couldn’t believe I didn’t see it coming!    

The food was cool, the girls hot, the alcohol free and normal music. So whatever, the party was good. During the night my I found an old buddy from the TTF crew. 13. He told me he had a small suprize for me… he used his thumb and index finger and made the shape of a 4g banky -or at least that’s what I thought- and said: “That small”.

So about 2 hours later the DJ packed up and 13 got on the decks. That party went from cool to the best house party I’ve been to in a while! I thought it was quite a big suprize! 13 dropped a sick set, starting off with Dubstep and ending with Drum & Bass. The mixing was very good and the song selection was perfect for a house party.

I love seeing that kind of growth in the scene. Respekt TTF.

You can catch them on Facebook here

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