Friday, January 14, 2011

Just Something For The Ears

I managed to get my hands on some cool mixes from some very cool people!

Niskerone recently uploaded 2 new mixes on SoundCloud that seems to be from the It Came From The Jungle parties. They are both pretty old, but that's what makes them awesome!

Niskerone ft Natalia - It Came From The Jungle Vol.2 (2008) by Niskerone

Niskerone - It Came From The Jungle Vol.1 (2007) by Niskerone

I found Caspa's latest podcast buzz on the net some how. Apparently it was recorded on the 27th of jan... mmm I'm an idiot, it was done on the 27th of jan 2010 - so its definitely not his latest. I'll post it for those interested in what was happening back then.

Download link:
Track listing: 

DJ White Nite? Heard of him? I was very privileged to see him perform live at Cold Turkey 2. I have absolutely no info on this guy except that hes in a hip hop group called ETC Crew ( I'm really digging his style at the moment.
Find him on twiiter @whitenite_ct

(MIX) WhiteNite - nu.step Volume 1 by DJ WhiteNite

Last but not least, here's a mix of my own, just for fun. My plan is to buy some equipment and do some real DJing. I'm currently still trying to find my style and I don't have access to any of the good stuff - the not so free tracks...

I used VDJ to make this mix. by STD