Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rubadub 11 December

Last night I decided to go to Rubadub in search of some bass and that’s what I found!

Small problem though… I got pretty f*cked so I don’t remember much at all… luckily I’m smart and made some notes on my Sony Ericsson.

So this is what I took down, I will explain along the way.

I got to Mercury at 12:30, paid my 40 bucks and went straight upstairs to the main floor. Somewhere around then is where I got intoxicated.

Here are the notes I took down and what my best description of it:

1:21 lost my mind.
-         I guess that was the first thought that I managed to write down, the music was mind blowing!

1:23 nothing like live dubstep.
-         Well that’s a given, but I remember the DJs throwing down some quality stuff and I

1:31 half life mc?
-         I didn’t know who was playing as I came so late, I found out by a friend (Kyle) that it was Half-Life, he was killing us on the dance floor, could definitely hear some outboard hardware, that’s when you know the shits quality! I have no idea who the MC’s were but they were awesome, not too much and not too little.

1:34 Skism – Power
-         At one stage Half-Life dropped this familiar sounding tune which obviously was very popular amongst the crowd as they went absolutely mad for it, Kyle told me it was Skism – Power. The track didn’t really affect me the same as the others but it’s still a very good track!

1:34 shaky shit
-         For some reason I typed that during Skism – Power… So I must have been feeling that shit lol

1:38 cool easy crowd/evil music – nice air con
-         I noticed that everyone on the dance floor and surroundings were all very happy and on good terms with each other, no bad vibes at all even though the music is a mash-up of pure filth and evilness.
-         The air conditioning at mercury is perfect… I could dance all night without breaking a sweat.

1:48 Sub bass hit me hard
-         This one song had huge sub bass! {wikinote: Sub-bass is a term used to describe audible sounds below 90 Hz and extending downward to include the lowest frequency humans can hear, typically 20 Hz. Sound systems often feature one or more subwoofer loudspeakers that are dedicated solely to amplifying sounds in the sub-bass range. Sound below sub-bass is called infrasound.} I thought my organs where going to explode!!!

1:58 mc Cape Town shout-out
-         I enjoyed the “Cape Town” shout-out from one of the MC’s – they know Cape Towns the shit!! Big ups to the MC’s!

2:01 PsydStep
-         PsydStep was on next.
-         The duo Strobe1 & Storm has amazing talent and had me jumping around like a maniac!
-         Very good mixing!

2:17 and then I got more f*cked
-         Unfortunately I didn’t manage to jot down any notes after this… my bad!

I’m very disappointed at myself for missing Mix n Blend and Binary! I must have missed out on two huge sets, I will catch them on the dance floor soon though.

A video I took with my Sony Ericsson Vivas Pro



  1. Nice blog, one problem tho, the aircon in Mercury isnt that wonderful, I was wet wet wet after Homegrown, maby because there were more people.


  2. Lol that’s why I posted that. I’m not sure, but I think rub-a-dub could have paid merc for extra aircon to keep their fans cool, but yes it could definitely be the crowd capacity - I take it you enjoyed homegrown, I wish I went!