Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mercury - Club

I was first introduced to this amazing club in late 2008 by my friend and former band member (The Manic Mischiefs - strangely enough named after Manic Mondays at Merc). Found in De Villiers Street in Zonnebloem (next to The Shack), there are a few things that make this club awesome: It’s pretty big, drinks are cheap, the vibe is cool and the sound is perfect (big ups to the sound engineers).

Homegrown – My first time at Merc and my first club DnB experience was at Homegrown. First Saturday of every month, hands down the biggest dedicated DnB party in South Africa. The hosts Animal Chin & 500 Mills have been running Homegrown since 2000 making it the longest running DnB party in SA.

RubADub – A monthly Dubstep event held at Mercury. If I remember correctly I attended one of the first Rubadubs when it was still very small and not that well supported. A couple months later I started hearing very good things about Rubadub and I decided that I should have a second go at it. IT WAS CRAZY! The DJs were ripping the place apart! I hope to see big things from them in 2011.


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