Saturday, February 26, 2011

The DrumStepSTD Crew

Many do not know this but DrumStepSTD is actually a small crew of mad friends who go out to as many DnB and Dubstep parties as they can. Our aim is to get as fucked as we possibly can and enjoy the music we love. No one does it harder than us and last night was a true example.

The launch of Devastation last night at Voom Voom was awesome!! The DnB was sooo hard! I really enjoyed myself, the drinks were fairly priced, the sound was LOUD, the crowd was full of energy and there was even a small fight. How dope!

Lets try and sound like the average blogger. And next up was so-and-so and he absolutely blew me away with [insert long intelegent here] and [another intelegent word here] FUCKME I don't even know who was DJing at the time. BIG-UPS to:

Pziezzo Electric
Bruce Willis??
and the mc for the night MC Psyke

Everyone should be on the lookout for Bruce Willis?? I missed his set last night but I caught him by chance at fiction a couple of weeks ago. He has some kick-ass tunes!! He's going to be big and soon! Can anyone share a Facebook link?

Anyways I'm going to enjoy this hangover while it lasts. I will update this later with some links, the Devastaion marketing video and some other infomations.


Looks like the pictures and videos are not being posted up on Facebook.

Cold Turkey is getting bigger and bigger and BIGGER. If you have not checked it out yet, you are seriously missing out!!

BIGUPS to the rest of the DrumStepCPT crew
Chant + A.M


Catch you on the d-floor


  1. here's a link to Bruce Willis??'s live set from Devastation:

  2. wow FUCK!!! thanks a mill! Facebook account pleeeaaaassee