Friday, January 7, 2011


Last year on the 26th of December I attended the first instalment of a soon to be very successful bring and braai/chill-out/dubstep party at the District 6 Cafe. For only 20 bucks you can get a heavy dose of quality music that you’ve never heard before (I can assure you). The crowd was cool and relaxed. I saw some hippies, tourists and hardcore locals.

At the last event I managed to catch Remy Gold, Ish, Blotchy and vGrrr. I might be wrong, but at one point I think vGrrr played a simple sounding dubstep loop or something on the one CDJ or whatever he was using, and on the other he dropped random trippy sounds with effects on them, sounded pretty cool :) the cheap drinks at the bar could have possibly being playing with my mind.

This week’s line up is amazing!

Rebel Clef
White Nite

I am extremely amped for Binary.  Everyone should take a listen to this mix he put together a couple months ago. I heard him for the first time in 08 I think, on UCT radio 104.5fm.

I’m a big fan of Blotchy and Funafuji and they NEVER disappoint. And no… they don’t need an introduction. BIG UPS!

As for Rebel Clef and White Night, I haven’t seen them live before and actually haven’t heard of White Nite before, but I’ll find out shit and let you know :P

Because dubstep and everything else on this planet changes everyday, I decided that I’ll post something Rebel Clef uploaded on to SoundCloud 11 months ago – for the hell of it. Listen to them wobbles bru ;)
Pack in something warm, the wind can get hectic out there, I felt like I was dancing in a sandstorm – which was quite fun!!

Get there early! It starts at 2pm, ends at 10pm.
Venue: Distric 6 cafe


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